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In Lima (Peru) on June 2012 in the headquarters of VDG Lawyers an associated company, meet a professional group conformed by economists, lawyers, engineers and other academics to evaluate the international and local market, the capital inflow, and the growing interest to invest in Peru. By considering the investor and companies diverse needs and different alternatives relationed with their decision and projects development decided to conform a company for providing services to non-financial companies and public entities at national, regional and local level to contribute with them by satisfying their needs in order to participate with more facility in the implementation and procedures for investing and business develop in the economic sector activities of Peru.


After the meeting, we decide to implement the agreement so the MA Econ. Juan Angel Candela Gómez de la Torre, whom possess a broad expertise in consultancy and Project promotion, an experience in develop ordering and territory condition plan and investment qualification together with his experience in banking and finance and managing entities and public companies; and the lawyer Raul Guillermo Tapia Candela, with experience in property consolidation conformed Peru Geomantic & Saneamiento SAC associated with height qualification professionals not only with knodlegemnet and territory management and engineering as well as property consolidation and relationed subjects.