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Consolidation Of The Property And Land Surveying

Comprehensive land surveying and property consolidation

Comprehensive land surveying and property consolidation of the land for projects development (roads, energy, agriculture, mining, construction) and technical analysis chart, specialized legal analysis of the land property and/or geographic areas to investigate.

Specialized and conclusive legal and technical diagnostic of the property and/or geographic area of interest, which is fundamental to start the consolidation process.

Land surveying and consolidation of the property rights, surface, use, easement or land rental depending on the purpose and requirements of the client.

Rights Registration

Registration of the rights acquired by our clients: property, surface, use, easement or lease of land. We provide service for legal protection against third parties.


The Company negotiates under behalf of our customers with authorities, community representatives and local leaders with the use of our information technology tools and a good territorial-appraisal. In addition, we apply a valuation process or calculating the compensation, and transparency in the management of information bearing in mind habits and traditions of the population involved in areas where the projects are developed.